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Who Needs CPR?

Healthcare Professionals:
Doctors, Nurses, Student Nurses, Dentists, Respiratory Therapists, Medical Students, Hospitals, EMTs, Firefighters, Paramedics, CNAs, PCTs, Chiropractors, etc
Lifeguards, fitness instructors, Daycare workers
Church, Scouts, Senior Care Facilities, Foster Parents, Families, Camp Counselors
Corporations:  Construction, Restaurants, Attorneys, Large Corporation that desire CPR trained individuals/first responders on each floor or team

Why Learn CPR?

Heart disease is recognized as the leading cause of the death of both men and women in the United States with hundreds of thousands dying from sudden cardiac events.   Even though on-the-spot care can triple a victims chance of survival, it’s only administered in less than a third of the cases.  About 70% of Americans do not know what to do when a medical crisis strikes.  However, with  CPR training and the correct CPR class, it can improve everyone’s skills and confidence so that they may know how to react effectively in a medical emergency.
Matters2TheHeart offers superior AHA instructor led training by medical professionals actively working in acute and critical care.  Training is offered to medical professionals and anyone who feels the need to be prepared in the event of a medical emergency.
In the CPR training classes, you will learn in a comfortable, stress free environment to improve your learning experience with real-life experiences.  All CPR courses involve one on one practice of  your skills, discussion and video, and  utilization of  the American Heart Association student manuals. AHA provider manual is mandatory to take the ACLS initial and renewal courses. We offer the manual for rental and purchase.
Your confidence in your CPR skills will improve so that you can apply your skill set to save a life.
Upon successful completion of the ACLS, PALS, BLS for Heathcare Providers, Heartsaver First Aid & CPR AED, Heartsaver CPR & AED, and Heartsaver First Aid course you will receive your certification card from American Heart Association that is valid for 2 years.
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The American Heart Association has developed instructional material for the purposes of promoting knowledge and proficiency in Basic Life Support (BLS).  Use of any course material does not represent sponsorship by the AHA and any fees charged for the courses does not represent income to the American Heart Association.
Note: The information and concepts presented on this website and in my instructional practice are for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. This site and my teaching are not intended to substitute for the advice, treatment and/or diagnosis of a qualified licensed health-care professional or physician’s care.

ACLS Instructor

ACLS Initial class
ACLS Renewal class
ACLS Skills Session BLS for Healthcare Providers

PALS Instructor

PALS Initial class

PALS Renewal class

BLS Instructor

BLS Healthcare Provider Initial/Renewal
BLS for Healthcare Providers Skills Session

Heartsaver CPR AED & First Aid.

Heartsaver CPR & AED, Heartsaver CPR & AED Skills Session

 "When every second counts"

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