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AHA BLS Instructor Training and Better Business Bootcamp Workshop Review

Satisfied Clients

Attended the BLS instructor training in Atlanta, GA this weekend and am truly thankful that I did!! It was absolutely worth the trip from OHIO! The instructor was amazing! Ms. La-Von is knowledgeable and experienced. She offer education, tools and resources that are absolutely invaluable! I feel absolutely “confident and competent ” to not only perform CPR but also instruct a class!! Added bonus is not only her years experience as a Critical Care Nurse but also her knowledge on business!! OMG! She is absolutely worth the investment to help me successfully build my dream! Will be attending her other classes without a doubt!! Thank You!  DEC 14

Tara Edwards-Coleman

I had the opportunity to sign up and take the BLS instructor course and Better Business Bootcamp. I must say it was a Jump Scared thing for me to do because I was very unsure of myself and if I would be able to do it.With Covid and everything going on I was just skeptical. Let’s just say it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. From the first day of training to the business and marketing it was all professional. La-von is a well educated woman who isn’t afraid to share her knowledge.I would do it all over again if I had to. If you are looking to start your own business , please stop .You have found the right instructor

NOV 28

Erica S

I 100% recommend taking certification renewal or initial classes with LaVon at Matters2TheHeart! LaVon is very knowledgeable, experienced, patient and kind! You can tell teaching is her true passion!
I recently took the BLS renewal class. Scheduling my class date online was a breeze. LaVon even worked around my busy schedule and got me in efficiently. When I showed up to class at her business location, the room was clean and neat. She had on a mask and made sure we all kept one on the whole time. Temperature check done right away. Sanitizer and disinfectant wipes were all throughout. Every time I touched a manikin for skills practice I had sanitizer readily available. She took her time to thoroughly explain the teachings and lessons in each video. She was hands on with me to make sure my chest compression, ambu bag and AED use technique was correct when it was time to practice skills. She reassured me throughout even when I was uncertain with myself as it has been some time since my last BLS class. She made sure I was comfortable before we moved on to the next teaching point! She gave test taking hints and highlighted important skills to remember! Wonderful experience throughout! I will definitely be contacting Matters2TheHeart and LaVon again for all my BLS/ACLS renewal needs!

Like DEC 14,2020

Ijeoma Nwahiri

The Matters2theheart instructor was amazing and has many years of experience. Not only was the course informative, it was interactive and extremely fun. All my questions were answered and I truly feel I have been prepared for any code I will encounter throughout my nursing career. I’m so grateful for Matters2theheart and will be returning for all my BLS and ACLS renewals. Covid-19 precautions were implemented from beginning to end and I felt safe. I appreciate everything that was done to eliminate the chances of exposure. DEC 14,2020

Shakia Gordon

I needed to renew my CPR asap , I called and Miss. Lopez she immediately schedule a class with me . she was accommodating and I’m so glad because everywhere else was closed and she was willing to take time from her family during the holidays to give me a BLS class. She was extremely patient
My card was expired and I needed it for my new job asap. She listened to me and knew that I was in a bind. She helped me out and I’m so Happy.
There was temp checks. Sanitizers etc and lots of hands on skills.

I would definitely recommend matters2theheart.

DEC 27,2020

Ann-lois Belidor

“Did my ACLS and BLS renewal with La-Von today. I am truly satisfied with her class and teaching style. She is very thorough and knowledgeable. I feel much more confident in a code situation. Previous years I used a different company that was popular amongst my workplace but I will from now stick with Matters 2 the heart.”

Stephanie Thomas Novembe 30, 2019

This experience has been way more that what I imagined in being trained…it was such an informative session. Mrs. La-Von Lopez did more than just teach, she kept us informed and involved with her hands on teaching. I walked in with high expectations and that is just what I experienced from Matters2TheHeart!! If you want to learn life savings skills you have to book with her! I am more than SATISFIED with my experience!

Stephanie Ervin - A week ago

La-Von is an exceptional instructor and wonderful Business coach. She has years of experience and is passionate and dedicated. Her CPR Better Business Boot camp provides a world of knowledge for aspiring entrepreneurs. I strongly recommend her Business Boot camp to anyone who desires to learn the skills necessary to starting a successful and profitable business endeavor.

M Petion - 2 weeks ago

I highly recommend La-von as an instructor for BLS, ACLS and PALS! I just recently took my PALS certification with her and was very glad that I did. Ms. La-von is a natural educator. She is thorough in her explanations and urges you to critically think through a situation from all angles. The location was comfortable and clean while COVID safety precautions were well maintained. I will definitely be using La-von as my instructor in the future. Thanks La-von!

Kate Buczek - 2 months ago

I got my PALS certification here and La-Von is very knowledgeable about the material. She makes sure you fully understand everything and will take the time to go over anything that you have questions on. Definitely recommend coming here!

Kelly Nash - 2 weeks ago

Taking the CPR/ Business Bootcamp has set me up for success. This weekend Ms Lopez poured into us her knowledge from setting us a business and becoming a certified AHA instructor. She was very open , candid and knowledge regarding the business. To our surprise, each student was gifted with swag bags ( something unexpected). I would recommend her Bootcamp to anyone wanting to start a CPR business.

Tangela Logan - A week ago

I had a great experience. In between the video she tells you real life story that help you remember why something is done and why. It was very well worth the drive and say to take this class. I would recommend this to future and current nurse to take.

Guimel Cortes - 2 months ago

I had a great experience! Very through and great with explanations making sure all your questions are answered. You walk out feeling empowered with a great knowledge of CPR. I would definitely come back and highly recommend!

Nitara Ross - A month ago

I attended La-Von’s BLS instructor course and Better Business Bootcamp. This was one of the best trainings I have ever attended. Her course gave me the confidence and skills needed to be a successful BLS instructor as well as a entrepreneur. She taught us what we needed to know as well as allowed us to practice our skills as the instructor. There’s was a lot to business that I did not know about and La-Von cleared that all up. She also makes herself available to us to ask her any questions which is a great plus. I highly recommend those who are reading this post to sign up for her course!

Jason - A week ago

Quick efficient and thorough. Super accommodating with covid.

Ryan Sapp - 4 weeks ago

I just did my ACLS with La-Von and it was awesome! I was so very nervous about this class, but her teaching style made it easy and it was very thorough. This is very important To me because I’m a travel nurse so things are very fast paced in general for me!

Brandalynn Sampson - 2 months ago

Ms. La-Von is so sweet, professional, and patient as an instructor. I highly recommend her for future AHA certifications. I appreciate the knowledge she shared with me and I learned a lot!

Betsy Gant - A month ago

I took LaVon’s business bootcamp and it was awesome! She really goes above and beyond to make sure you have all of the necessary materials to start your business. She instructs you on how to set up your social media accounts, flyers, logos, business plans, how to create your business name & much much more! I am very pleased with my business outcome & would recommend anyone to take her class!!!

Janae Crenshaw - A month ago

Great class. The class was very educational and the instructed was very good. I felt like I learned a lot. Would defiantly attend more classes at this location.

Michelle Bacon - A month ago

I would first like to say thank you for rearranging your schedule on a Holiday weekend.My experience was amazing, i felt very comfortable asking questions and was receptive to your explanation and answers.Your teaching method for ACLS and BLS kept me engaged throughtout the course.I can honestly say that im more confident and prepaired to effectively deliver knowledgeable care.I would highly recommend this course to anyone.Thanks again

Consuelo Young - A month ago

Very nice lady loved her class very detail I’m truly confident in performing CPR and handling First Aid if need.

Tiani smith - 4 weeks ago

This was one of the best BLS, CPR instructor training that I have attended. Veery informative, I learned some life changing skills and nuggets to help advance my business. Money well spent. I traveled 4 hours to attend this training and I do not mind it one bit, because of what I received.

Ketly Angoma - 2 weeks ago

Lavon was very thorough and ensured I got the information I needed to effectively care for a child in distress. I recommend this service to anyone to take a course with her as she was very knowledgeable on PALS!!!

Amelia Gelin - A month ago

La-von is a great instructor, she has so much knowledge that I can listen to her all day long and take notes. She made acls class so much fun . She made sure we know all what aha need us to know to get certified. I will be renewing my license with her in two years . Thank you again la-von.

Maro Jesus - 2 weeks ago

Excellent class. Convenient schedule. I was able to to Bls and Acls at the same time. Saved a trip.

Colleen Huanay - A month ago

La-Von is THE BEST!!!!! I hesitated on joining her class for the longest time because my business was already established, but still in the beginning stage . I kept seeing her post/ advertisements and I kept debating and debating……The one thing that sold me was her statement , “checking your business name on ALL handles” hmmmm , what did she mean by that ? That did it for me because I worked too hard for my business to let anyone else use my name. I did not expect to receive everything that she taught. Especially for the cost!!!!! She gave her students so much more information than just protecting my business name. The recommendation on building /expanding, ideas on fonts and colors, how to build my website, Canva training, shopping tips and much more …….this was so unexpected !!!!! O wait! And gifts, there was always a surprise !!! She over delivered in every aspect of this class. From the live group chats/ zoom meeting and educational videos/articles to the demos on introduction, speaking to our audience, and classroom presentations. La-Von covered Everything you needed to know . I am ever so grateful for her knowledgeable gifts and enthusiasm to educate others; I actually asked her if we could continue to work together after the completion of the course, because this is her passion, she said yes 😊 at no additional fees! This class has helped me tremendously and I am so happy that I decided to join La-Von and the other students . I recommend this class for every new business owner because LaVon held us accountable and she made sure that we stayed on top of our assignments . For this reason , I am so much more knowledgeable about my business and being an entrepreneur. La-Von, THANK YOU ❤️

Lovelyheartbeatcpr LLC Saving Lives - A month ago

Great class and wonderful instructor! I had a great experience, learned a lot, was very hands on and professional and very clean. I would definitely recommend. I’ll definitely be coming back in 2 years to recertify. Thank you.

Lissette Pagan - 2 months ago

I’m so happy that I found Matters2theheart! Attending the Better Business Bootcamp was a great investment to establish my CPR business. La-von is very knowledgeable, she gives great info and tips for one to take your business to the next level. She’s prompt to answer questions via text, IM or email. Her workbooks helps me with a great deal with the blueprint to get my business up and running. I highly recommend her!

Carine Jean-Baptiste - 2 weeks ago

Professional*Informative*Keeps you engaged with weekly goals and tasks*Gives honest feedback wi suggestions for improvement.

Lisa Cooper - A month ago

Where do i begin? Well from the moment i took her ACLS and BLS class which came highly recommend by a good friend and co worker, it has a rewarding experience.Not only did La-Von take the time to do a one on one class for my certificates, she was very knowledgeable of her teaching which made the classroom atmosphere comfortable yet designed for any type of learning background.With that being said i expressed to her that i was interested in becoming an instructor in the past.But after listening to her teach so passionately i knew i could differently learn from her.
Fast forward a month later i completed all required documents for the ACLS and BLS instructor training. Which she was very understanding ,do to my busy work schedule.I must admit having signing up with the class i felt a little intimidated because this is a lady that really knows here stuff and i did not want to ask any dumb questions.Do to the fact the bar would be raised from being the student to becoming an instructor.
Man was i wrong, my first day started with a delay in traffic (no fault of mine) which i texted her and she was very understanding.I gave her my ETA according to google.And guess what she waited for my arrival.Again the classroom setting was claim an inviting.Everyone was having breakfast and getting to know one another.Shortly after she started
teaching.The first portion was somewhat of a review but med way through we began roll playing as an instructor.The bar just went up.I was differently stepping out of my comfort zone.But La-Von gave constructive positive and ways to improve feedback as to how to help your business grow.Which i loved.
Day 2 was all about business she gave us multiple suggestions and strategies to run a business and a wealth of business ideas as to how to get the business started great investment to best met out personal business model.
Day 3 came and i thought it would be short and sweet.Man was i wrong!This day was for ACLS instructors and man was it intense.Did i menton La-Von is a clinical educator for a large well known hospital? She pulled out all the big guns yet took her time to ensure we all walked away with a true understanding of how to teach this course.So if your looking for a great place to learn I highly recommend Matters2theheart. I would just like to say thank you so much for your time, knowledge and dedication for all you do.

Konnie Young - A week ago

LaVon was extremely helpful in getting a custom schedule set up for my son, who was on a deadline to get his card. She was thorough, patient and willing to be so flexible for scheduling. The actual class was great! My son learned everything he needed to know and became AHA certified. We are impressed with Matters2TheHeart and LaVon! I definitely recommend this provider!

Andrea Hanes - 3 weeks ago

This class was very helpful, hands on and a good ACLS refresher class and she is very knowledgeable.

Ngozi Okeke - 2 weeks ago

I would to share my experience at CPR Bootcamp. Ms Lopez said “ I am like a task master” but I want you to be successful. The tools in the ebooks were spot on. She gives you everything you need to set up your business ie LLC, branding, budgeting, marketing, SWOT analysis, Social media etc. These are tools for any business. She shared weekly Live Facebook to navigate you thru the course . If you have a question and post it in on Facebook/messenger/email , she responds expeditiously to acknowledge the question and get you the answers. She wanted EVERYONE to be great. I am walking away not only a confident entrepreneur but knowledgeable how to continue to expand and build a strong company!
What a wonderful journey… I feel like I can conquer anything! Thank you Ms Lopez !!

Tangela Logan - A month ago

Great instructor you learn everything you need to know for a code and more. Prepare you for the worst that can happen in a code so you know the right thing to do. Awesome.

Marvette Williams - 2 Months ago

I recommend this course for BCLS and ACLS strongly. Because the instructor was very informative and knowledgable. She not only made sure I understood and was able to perform task. The instructor made sure I was able to use my critical thinking to apply in different scenarios.The instructor made sure all guidelines were followed for safety for covid-19 very impressed.

Danielle Cummings - 2 Months ago

This class was very informative and instructor was very thorough.

Judy Ballich - A Month ago

La-Von is an amazing instructor. Not only is she professional but she is also very knowledgeable. Especially when it comes to the heart subject whether it’s BLS, ACLS. She makes sure to stimulate your mind with thought provoking questions that doesn’t intimidate you or make you feel inferior. A patient instructor and makes sure you leave that class with understanding, skill , and a sure A. Thanks La-Von!

matters2theheat will take confidence level from 0 to 100 with CPR. Lavon is a great teacher she makes sure you understand by explaining ACLS efficiently. She uses updated videos and manicans. This is my second time taking her CPR class and this will not be my last time. I highly recommend using Matters2TheHeart for CPR class.

Pyria Cobb

Great overview for BLS and awesome explanation for ACLS! So knowledgeable of not only process of life saving measures but all medications and doses, etc. Definitely a great resource to have for any neuro, basic/advance life support information!

Katy Kerr

La-von is a wonderful instructor, she broke everything down for me within the ACLS and BLS course. I highly recommend her, she takes her time and makes sure you walk out of her class with a good understanding of the course and works with you for a high pass rate.
Melisa Osorio

The best ACLS class I have attended so far, signing up and paying for the course was a breeze! She walked us through the class peppered with real code applications/examples to help learn key concepts. She fed us and was professional, I highly recommend this class
Leslie Correa

Great learning environment. Excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and perfect balance/use of visual aid and hands on experience.
Tasha Manuel

Great overview for BLS and awesome explanation for ACLS! So knowledgeable of not only process of life saving measures but all medications and doses, etc. Definitely a great resource to have for any neuro, basic/advance life support information

Katy Kerr

Great class. Convenient I highly recommend them!

Carol Simeoni

This was a very informative refresher course with a very knowledgeable instructor! Well worth the time and the money!
Caitlin Merren

LaVon has the knowledge, passion, and most importantly experience, and skill and she demonstrates caring and commitment to what she does. I will definitely use her again

Ruth Kano

This is a great class. The atmosphere is nice, the teacher is knowledgeable and you learn a lot.

Alicia Scott

LaVonn is a very knowledgeable instructor who does a fantastic job of relating your BLS and ACLS training into scenarios that are encountered in your job, and everyday life! Highly recommended!

Cody Knisley

Best instructor ever! Convenient classes as well as a very experienced and educated instructor. Will definitely use again!

Deborah Greene

Great class, awesome instructor. I definitely recommend Matter2theheart.

Jessica Terry

“ACLS is always a stressful event for me; no matter how many times I have been through it. Today I was at ease, Ms McPhee made me comfortable, knowledgeable and confident. She is a good instructor who knows her subject matter and how to present it well.
Thank you!”
Missy Kruse

“This was the best BLS class that I’ve ever taken. La Von was very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. It made the course fun and the time seemed to fly by.”
Michelle Stroman

“LaVon help a very professional and educational BLS class! I recommend anyone in the healthcare profession to use her service!”
Hannah Ojeda

“La-Von is very educated instructor! Her ACLS and BLS training is very effective to apply on the floor.”
Cho Yee Yee Maung

“Renewal class was very informative. Ms. McPhee-Lopez made me feel at ease and answered all the questions I had.”
Maria Krinessa Ortiz-Villagomeza

“I took the HeartSaver class and it was by far the best and most knowledgeable course I’ve taken. I enjoyed it more than I thought.”
Anaya's Mommie

“La-Von is very knowledgeable and professional proving excellent educational opportunities for BLS, ACLS and other services to groups or one to one in a comfortable environment.”
D Joy Bray

“Best class i have taken! Very convenient classes, very affordable.

Taking heart saver every 2 years i thought i knew it all… She is very indepth and informative and gives creative ways to remember information! Will be referring everyone!”

J Alan Rod

“I recently took the BLS class and the facilitator was very knowledgeable in the subject matter. I was able to walk away feeling more confident in the event I have to perform CPR. The facility was clean and the facilitator enforces social distancing and follows all the guidelines that have been mandated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kudos to a job well done. Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed.”

Michelle Walters July 8, 2020

“I highly recommend Lavonne with Matters2TheHeart. Lavonne was very accommodating and professional as she worked with me and my busy schedule. She was able to schedule me for ACLS in less than 24 hours. I trust her expertise. She is an informative educator and nurturing. I left our sessions feeling empowered with the knowledge and skills that are expected of me. Thank you I appreciate your help.”

Essential Ambiance April 6, 2020

“I did CPR Booth Camp with LaVon and it was very interesting. I enjoyed the class, she has a lot of knowledge to share. It was really worth my time. She is friendly and approachable. I would definitely recommend this course to other nurses.”

Vel Free March 11 2020

“La-von is amazing, she took time to explain to me the key points, as well as assisted with hands on. She went above and beyond to accommodate my emergent need for ACLS renewal. I would take this class again.”

Carol Kirwa January 12, 2020

“I just achieved my ACLS with Matters2TheHeart; registration was easy, fast, and the website was well organized. The instructor contacted me back right away for scheduling and the course was very informative and very thorough. Because of this class I definitely feel much more confident when going into a code situation in the hospital setting or even out in the community!”

Marquis Durham November 19, 2019

“Great instructor you learn everything you need to know for a code and more. Prepare you for the worst that can happen in a code so you know the right thing to do. Awesome.”

Marvette Williams August 5, 2020